This Old Southern Home

is typical of many that can be found in small towns throughout the American South.

I grew up in houses very much like this one. Live oaks and azaleas in the yard, high ceilings and spacious rooms, full of light streaming in from large windows. That was my world back then. The way I thought life 'ought to be!'

Deja Vu

I felt a strong attraction to this house on Tremont Street. I know we lived on Tremont when I was small. I'm not sure if I lived here, or perhaps knew someone who lived here. I just feel sure I've been on that screened in front porch before.

I admit to having a feeling of gloom set in when we moved to a small brick house in the suburbs a couple of years after my father died. When I designed my own home, high ceilings, large rooms and big windows became the heart of the place, and all is right in the world again.



Big Sky


Jasmine Hill

Messing About

Wild Things

Now You're Cookin'!

Selma, AL

Les Fleurs

Singh Ray Filters

My Caprice