A solid teak table unfolds from the teak wall panels and can unfold again to accomodate dinner guests. The salon is comfortable, with storage bins both under and behind the seats, which are also long enough - about 6 ft 7, to accomodate very tall sleepers.

My little pup, T.J. is underfoot, as usual! His favorite place is the rug on the on the satin finish teak and holly sole.Beau is resting on the cooler floor of the head - shower, lavatory, which spans the full width of the boat. That makes taking a shower a much easier proposition than on many boats we considered.

There is a foreward hatch over the 6 ft 6- V Berth for ventilation, but we have seldom used it. The central furnace / air conditioning system has proved more than adequate and provides true comfort both winter and summer. King size, flat sheets and a lightweight king size quilt have been sufficient for comfortable sleeping.


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