1. Wear your hair in your normal style. Bangs should be short enough for eyebrows to show, even if your hair normally covers them. It's easy to paint hair longer, impossible to imagine what hidden eyebrows look like.

2. Wear clothing of a classic style. Solid colors or small prints are best. Avoid large prints. If you wish to wear red, have another garment available for some of the photos, especially near the face.

3. Wait to dress young children in their fancy clothes until after I arrive. It will take at least 30 minutes to set up my equipment.

4. If you have other children that will not be in the portrait, see if you can arrange for them to be involved in another activity.

5. Don't worry about scratches, blemishes or less than perfect hairdos.

6. Don't be upset if your child cries. They calm down quickly.

7. If there are plans to include a pet, have some of their favorite treats on hand.

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