for creating your portrait begins when you contact me. We will discuss the type portrait you desire, whether it is formal or informal, indoors or out. The size and location where the painting will hang, and which elements to include will all be considered.

I can do my best work when I have actually met the subject of the portrait in person. I prefer to visit your location, whether it is your home or office, to get a feeling for what is appropriate, and take my own photographs there to work from. I bring all my photography equipment to your site. The photos will include many full length shots, photos from the left and the right, and close up details of face, hair, hands, fabrics, jewelry, and furniture.

I will send you a duplicate, numbered copy of each photograph. We can discuss which facial expressions, pose, composition and other elements should be selected. It is normal to have one photo for the body pose, a different one for the face, others for the hands, feet, etc. Do not be concerned if we do not get one "perfect" photograph, what is important is that we get the "perfect" painting. Often some elements need to be changed. For example if an article of clothing needs to be a different color, that can usually be done if there is not a significant change in the lightness or darkness of the item. If hair needs to be painted longer or shorter, that can be done.

After all decisions regarding the selections have been made, I will paint the portrait. Because you have the collection of photos we will be working from, you have a very good idea of what the finished painting will look like.

When the portrait is finished, - and this is when I cannot find ANYTHING I feel can be improved - we will arrange for delivery. I am prepared for a final sitting with the subject at this time, if you request any minor changes.


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