· Consider where you want to hang the painting. Is it a formal room or an informal room?

· What is the decorating style and color scheme of the place the painting will hang? Your choice of clothing color and style should be appropriate for the location.

· What is the best size and shape for the painting? Should it be a vertical or horizontal composition?

· Do you want to have an indoor or outdoor setting?

· You may wish to include certain special elements which serve to illustrate the interests, hobbies and personality of the subject.

· You may have more than one outfit you wish to wear for the photo session. Sometimes it is easier to tell which clothing is the best choice after you actually have photographs of it in front of you.

· Red clothing, while wonderful for portraits, is often difficult to photograph and get a correct color balance. If red is your choice, have your red outfit ready to wear and also have something in a neutral color available to wear next to the face for some of the photographs.

· It is best to wear your hair in your normal style. If you choose a radically different hairstyle, your portrait won't look like "you."

· Children's bangs should be cut before the photo session. It is impossible to "guess" what anyone's eyebrows look like when they are covered by hair.

· It is best to wait to dress children in their fancy clothes and prepare their hair after I arrive. Setting up the photo lighting equipment takes at least half an hour.

· Do not worry if you don't have preconceived ideas about what you want. If you DO know what you want, that is what I want to do for you, but if you don't, I am very creative and I promise, you will be pleased. We will take many photos and explore all the possibilities.


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