While I strive to make each of my paintings a visual delight, I believe that first and foremost in portraiture, a good likeness is imperative, and I am never satisfied until I achieve that.

Portrait Painting of the type I do is a slow and tedious process. I never rush a painting. Each layer of paint is applied first in thin washes to build up and establish underlying colors, with subsequently thicker layers of color on top. Each layer of paint must be completely dry before the next layer is applied. This not only provides stability for the paint itself, it is a major part of why my flesh tones seem so "real." Every painting gets this same exacting method.

Over and over I have had my subjects recognized when the portrait was shown in settings outside the client's home. I once displayed a portrait of a Mother and Daughter from Mobile, Alabama in a show in Montgomery, Alabama, a distance of some 150 miles. The painting was not labeled in any way. A lady in the crowd came up to me and asked, "When did Cindy have her portrait painted?"

I believe in the Golden Rule. I will be happy with your painting only when you are happy with your painting.


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